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As a consumer or professional, your satisfaction as a customer is our priority. Giving a unique allure to a living space is a complex process. We make it easier on you by providing several levels of service. When you are an Arya client we:

  • Offer you our design knowledge
  • Make sure the right choices are made
  • Follow up on your projects
  • Offer delivery and installation services


Our inventory is large and consists of millions of rugs and accessories, which can make the task of choosing very complex. We will guide you through the process, which starts with us getting to know your environment. Sending us pictures of your space will save a lot of time and will help us to advise you better.

We strongly recommend that you click on the link below, upload your pictures, and give us an idea of the size you are looking for by filling out our form before you visit our boutique.


@ arya we offer you full support and work with you to make your projects a remarkable success.
Together, we will deliver a dream come true to your customers, giving every single living space a unique allure of it’s own.

We invite you to contact us now so we can get to know you and give you secure access to the full range of products found in our catalogs.

Designers and Architects