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Large Selection of High-Quality Rugs yes, but also furniture and exclusive decoration.
No one knows rugs better then us and no one carries collections of exclusive accessories like we do.

There is a great human story behind every product we offer you. The story of people that live, learn, and dream by crfting every single rug or accessory that you buy.
It is the story of many local artisans who earn their living and benefit from education through pooled fund contributions generated by sales.

At ARYA rugs . accessories, we offer decorative accessories and a wide selection of high quality rugs for the home or office.


A story stands behind every rug and accessory you buy to Arya.
For years now, rug manufacturers have been creating local foundations to educate the weavers and accessory makers, help them find jobs, and increase their overall quality of life.
So every visit and purchase you make as an Arya customer is not only about covering your floor with a rug or transforming a space into something magical,
“it’s about someone’s life, making it better.”

Receive decoration ideas, our new arrivals and new arrivals.


The owners Joe and Sam were a delight to deal with.

They were very helpful in choosing our rug but most of all give great tips in decor and color combinations. Very professional and you don't see a selection of colors and patterns and great quality anywhere else.

- Lee Bacchi
Arya had a great selection of carpets and the service was excellent.

They were very helpful in choosing the right carpet for the space.

- Sam Atsaidis
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ARYA rugs . accessories offers a large selection of high quality rugs and carpets, exciting home decor and accessories in the greater Montreal area
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