Stack Em Up Candle Holder-Shiny Brass

Holds a 3"Dia. Pillar Candle


5 individually shaped and perfect fitted pieces of heavy cast brass combine to make unique candleholders. Spread these jewelry-like pieces of brass across a table surface for 5 individual candleholders or stack 'em up to form your very own candleholder shapes. May be combined with our stacking crystal candleholders to create a mix medium candleholder in various heights. All components hold a 3 inch diameter candle. Available in shiny brass and antique brass finishes to add another level of mixing these two popular finishes and shape

Environ 5.5"H x 4.25"Dia. (15.1 lbs)
1st Niveau 2"H x 4.25"Dia.
2nd Niveau 0.5"H x 4.25"Dia.
3rd Niveau 2"H x 3.75"Dia.
4th Niveau 0.5"H x 4"Dia.
5th Niveau 0.5"H x 3.5"Dia
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