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How to choose the right carpet for your space?
Which style of carpet to choose?

We strongly recommend that you take the time to understand and give a particular attention to the right style of carpet for the environment and space where it is going. For example, if you opt for a more modern and unique look, chances are that minimalism is the main theme. So modern carpets in modern environments.
What size of carpet to choose for the space of the room?

Before you start shopping for a carpet, you should be aware that carpets come in different shapes and sizes. Determining the right size contributes in a well-balanced space. Choosing the right size of carpet for your living room will obviously depend on the size of your room, but also on your furniture.

How to choose?

choice advice

How to maintain?

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What is the ideal starting point for choosing a carpet?

Minimalist designs are the ideal starting point for anyone who wants to help bring their home to life. Minimalism is a trend these days, and most modern designs are about being discreet and respectful rather than cheeky and insolent.

With this in mind, you should do everything you can to make the carpet fit the overall theme of the room. If you plan to go for a modern look, choose a carpet that matches the furniture.

Where do you start?

If you've already chosen much of your furniture and color scheme, it's much easier to choose a carpet. At the very least, choosing the layout and theme makes it easier to examine different carpet styles and discard them. If you try to start with the carpet for your space, then you may find that it is simply too difficult to visualize everything around it.

Choosing your carpet
based on details

Another important part of the process is looking at the details. For example, if your piece is intended to work or study you want it to be a piece with as few distractions as possible. You want to eliminate any possibiliy that the room will be uncomfortable.

If you want to make sure that the carpet blend into the room, then you should almost certainly choose a carpet that fits the purpose of the room as well as the theme. If it's a games and entertainment room, the carpet can be a little more zany and extravagant. On the other hand, if it's for a bedroom, you'd do well to choose a design style in which you can feel serene.
From modern minimalism to making sure the layout fits the theme of the room, both factors matter a great deal. There’s a lot of considerations to take into thought when trying to choose the right carpet, but there is no reason why choosing your carpet needs to be such a taxing endeavor!

That's why we will be happy to assist you in choosing the right one for your space.

How to choose the perfect rug for
the living room

How to choose
the right size

All furniture legs out of the carpet

When you have a smaller living room or you prefer that your furniture not to be on the carpet (except for a coffee table in the center), choose a carpet size 5' X 8'.
All furniture legs on the carpet

In general, a carpet of this size creates a link between the furniture and defines a space, choose a carpet in miminum size of 9' X 12'.
Front legs on the carpet, back legs out of the carpet

This is the most popular and is our favorite size for a living room. With this size, you will probably have all the front legs of your furniture on the carpet and the back legs out of the carpet. Or only some of the front legs will be on the carpet.

In both cases, this size ties the different pieces of furniture together well and gives a good sense of proportion. In general, choose a 7' X 10' or 8' X 10' or ou 8' X 11'

How to choose a perfect rug for a dining room

When setting up a dining area , one of the most understated parts of the process comes from the enviroment. A well decorated space is often one that we can enjoy spending more time in. In a dining area, It’s vitally important more than ever that we have an enviroment that inspires a positive and upbeat tone. When sitting down to eat, and have long converations and fun with our friends and family, a good dining enviroment makes all the difference.

What makes a good dining room come to life, though? Often, a rug can make a big difference. Since the majority of dining rooms use wooden flooring as their primary basis, they tend to look rather bare. A rug can make the whole room look a bit more energetic and enjoyable to spend time in.

How does someone know about making sure that they can get a rug that fits the theme of the room in the most specific manner?
What matters when choosing that perfect rug?

Dining room rugs:

choosing an effective solution
Think about the tone.

The tone of the rug is the first thing that matters. Finding one that fits with the tone of the room makes obvious sense. A dining room with rich and eloquent, regal coloring should often use rugs that compliment this kind of theme, mixing rather than contrasting.
Look at the size. 

Whilst having something too small can make the room look out of sync, an excessively large rug is just as bad.
Make sure the size you select is big enough to allow the legs of the chair to stay on the rug even when they’re pulled out for people to sit at the table. This allows guests to pull out hairs and relax without worrying about moving the rug around.

These rugs are a great choice for smaller sized dining tables with 4 chairs.
(7’ TO 9’ ROUND)

Regular rugs work under round tables too, but a circular rug is a better match.
(8’ X 10’ | 9’ X 12’)

Typically these sizes will work under a dining table with 6 to 8 chairs.

Outdoor Rugs:
5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Patio Rug


Create a courteous appearance.


Make sure you choose a carpet that matches the look and design you have in mind. You can generally opt for a pattern with original geometric shapes, or rich and colorful rugs with shapes that are easy to appreciate and generously detailed. Make sure it fits the furnishings you have to get the most satisfying effect.


A key aspect is to select the right size: Try and make sure that the size of the carpet is large enough to be defined as, say, a living area, a dining area or a place to relax. Use the size of the mat to determine how many people can sit on either part of the patio.


One of the most underestimated benefits of indoor-outdoor carpets is their ability to unify an outdoor furniture arrangement, creating a cohesive look in an open space.
Here are the conventional sizes of outdoor carpets:

Indoor-outdoor carpet (5' X 8')

Indoor-outdoor carpet (8' X 10')

Indoor-Outdoor carpet (9' X 12') or larger,
customed to the most convenient size for your outdoor space


Adapt the theme. As the size of the carpet must correspond to the planned activity, the same goes for the colors. If you are creating a small rest and relaxation point to read books, use cool and fresh colors that promote concentration and relaxation. If you want something a little more ambitious, for example for parties and well watered evenings with your closest friends, go for something bright and upbeat.
Using these tips, you should find that it's very easy to create a welcoming, elegant and harmonious design that is exactly what you had planned. Now, your patio will be much more in harmony with the style of design you enjoy most.

Carpet care tips

There are two crucial factors that determine the degree of maintenance of a carpet:
Fiber and manufacturing
A machine-woven carpet is always easier to maintain and clean than a hand-made carpet. This is due to the fact that the majority of machine-woven carpets are made from synthetic fibers such as polyester or polypropylene. While a hand-woven carpet is often made from natural fibers such as wool, which is a little more sensitive to friction or liquids, and therefore less suitable for home maintenance.
In both cases, we recommend that you never follow recipes or videos on the net but rather apply the following instructions:

Never use the rotating brush head when vacuuming but rather the same extension that you use for your engineered hardwood or laminate floor.

When you spill liquid, try to blot up the stain as much as possible by tapping it with an absorbent cloth or a paper towel. Avoid rubbing the stain at all costs. Only water can be used to lighten a stain, no other chemicals or soaps should be used.

Only professional cleaning is recommended once a year or every 2 years depending on traffic and accidents. Be sure to use a company that does carpet cleaning and not wall-to-wall carpet cleaning as it is not the same technique. Carpet cleaning machines can easily destroy your carpet so don't rent a machine either.

For a professional and guaranteed cleaning, please contact us, we offer you an exclusive service from start to finish:

- We pick up your carpet no matter the size;
- We do a professional cleaning in our workshop;
- We deliver them and reinstall them in the room as it was before.

We recommend an anti-stain treatment when you buy or clean your carpet. We offer you the service as well.
Please contact us for more details.

Go Power loomed

A power loomed rug (Or a machine made rug) is the perfect choice, offering practicality as well as durability. These are usually good for making sure they can easily be cleaned, moved and maintained. Spills are an inevitability on a dining room rug, so it makes sense to make it easy to get access to and use for quicker, simpler cleaning.
Choose cleaning simplicity

Synthetic rugs such as polyester, polypropylene or poly viscose make the best dining room choice for their ease of cleaning. Other options in natural fibers such as wool or wool silk can be harder to clean. So, pick one that comes without all of these complications. A good quality rug can make all the difference, ensuring you can really maximize consistency in cleanliness.
Shape matters

Lastly, be sure to match the shape to the room. A rectangular room needs a rectangular rug and a square room suits a circular or square rug. If you use the rug to match up and mix with the shape of the room, it helps to add that much-needed balance and harmony that often feels lacking.

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