Choose A Perfect Rug For A Dining Room

When setting up a dining room, one of the most understated parts of the process comes from the décor. A room with good décor is often one that we can enjoy spending more time in. It’s vitally important that we have a room that inspires a positive, upbeat tone. In a dining room, that’s more important than ever before. When sitting down to eat, converse and have fun with our friends and family, a good dining room makes all the difference.

What makes a good dining room come to life, though? Often, a rug can make a big difference. Since the majority of dining rooms use wooden flooring as their primary basis, they tend to look rather bare. A rug can make the whole room look a bit more energetic and enjoyable to spend time in.

How, though, does one go about making sure that they can get a rug that fits the theme of the room in the most specific manner?

What matters when choosing that perfect rug?

Dining Room Rugs: Choosing an Effective Solution

  • Think about the tone. The tone of the rug is the first thing that matters. Finding one that fits with the tone of the room makes obvious sense. A dining room with rich reds and eloquent, regal coloring should often use rugs that compliment this kind of theme, mixing rather than contrasting.
  • Look at the size. Whilst having something too small can make the room look out of sync, an excessively large rug is just as bad.

Make sure the size you select is big enough to allow the legs of the chair to stay on the rug even when they’re pulled out for people to sit at the table. This allows guests to pull out hairs and relax without worrying about moving the rug around.

Four Chairs (5’ X 8’)

These rugs are a great choice for smaller sized dining tables with 4 chairs.

Four to six chairs (7’ to 9’ round)

Regular rugs work under round tables too, but a circular rug is a better match.

Six to eight chairs (8’ X 10’ | 9’ X 12’)

Typically these sizes will work under a dining table with 6 to 8 chairs.


  • Go Power loomed. A power loomed rug (Or a machine made rug) is the perfect choice, offering practicality as well as durability. These are usually good for making sure they can easily be cleaned, moved and maintained. Spills are an inevitability on a dining room rug, so it makes sense to make it easy to get access to and use for quicker, simpler cleaning.
  • Choose cleaning simplicity. Synthetic rugs such as polyester, polypropylene or poly viscose make the best dining room choice for their ease of cleaning. Other options in natural fibers such as wool or wool silk can be harder to clean. So, pick one that comes without all of these complications. A good quality rug can make all the difference, ensuring you can really maximize consistency in cleanliness.
  • Shape matters. Lastly, be sure to match the shape to the room. A rectangular room needs a rectangular rug and a square room suits a circular or square rug. If you use the rug to match up and mix with the shape of the room, it helps to add that much-needed balance and harmony that often feels lacking.