Tips For Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Space

When it comes to choosing a carpet, it’s very easy – too easy – to make the wrong choice. Sadly, unlike other forms of interior decoration, it’s pretty hard to return a carpet if you find it clashes with the room. If you make a mess of the carpet too in terms of dimension, then you can have a pretty serious issue on your hands from that perspective. Not only is buying the wrong carpet a massive waste of time, but the money it can cost you through making the wrong choice is no laughing matter!

With that in mind, we recommend that you take the time to fully understand and appreciate the importance of ‘getting’ modern carpets for modern furniture. For example, if you are going for a more modern and unique look, the chances are that minimalism will be the main theme.


The space of room vs. size of the carpet

Before you get straight into buying the carpet, you must be aware of the fact that these carpets come in different shapes and sizes. Figure out the right size to create a well-balanced space. Selecting a carpet size for your living room obviously depends on the size of your room, but also on your furniture arrangement. here are some tips;

All legs off the carpet:

When you’ve got a smaller living room or prefer to keep all of your furniture off the carpet (except for a coffee table in the center), go with a 5’ X 8’ carpet.

All legs on the carpet:

This size generally pulls the furniture together and defines a space.

(9’ X 12’)

Front legs on, back legs off:

This is one of the ideal sizes for the living room. With this size, you’ll most likely have all of the front legs of the furniture on the carpet with the back legs off. Or just some of the front legs will be on the carpet.

(8’ X 10’)


Minimalistic designs are the perfect starting spot for anyone who wants to help see their household come to life. Minimalism is the ‘in thing at present, and most modern designs are about being muted and respectful instead of brash and brazen.

With that in mind, you should be looking to do all that you can to make the carpet fit in with the general theme of the room. If you are going to be going for a modern look, then pick the carpet to match the furniture.

If you already have much of your furniture and the color scheme decided, it is much easier to pick a carpet. At the very least, having the layout and theme chosen makes it easier to look at different carpet styles and rule them out. If you are trying to start with the carpet for your space, then you can find that it’s simply too hard to visualize everything else around it.

Choosing Your Carpet: Deciding on Detail

Another important part of the process is to look at deciding on the detail. For example, if your room is going to be about studying then you want it to be a room with as little distraction as is possible. You want to remove any potential for people being put off, or for the room to feel uncomfortable or hard on the eyes.


If you want to make sure that people can blend in to the room, then you should almost certainly look to choose a carpet that fits in with the purpose of the room as much as the theme. If it’s a fun and games room them the carpet can be a bit zanier and out there. if it’s for studying or working in, though, you would do well to choose a design style that you can feel serene in.

From modern minimalism to making sure the layout fits the theme of the room, both factors matter a great deal. There’s a lot of considerations to take into thought when trying to choose the right carpet, but there is no reason why choosing your carpet needs to be such a taxing endeavor!

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