Outdoor Rugs: Choosing The Perfect Patio Rug

Look at the material. The first and most important solution is the material. Take a look at what the rug is made of and held together with. Often, a blend of synthetic and natural materials works best. This adds durability and ease of cleaning to the outdoor rug, which is very important. Combinations of hemp, jute and seagrass tend to be a good combo.

  • Create a welcome appearance. Make sure you choose a rug that fits with the right kind of appearance and design that you have in mind, too. You can usually pick a pattern with cool geometric shapes, or rich and colourful rugs with a very easy to appreciate and richly detailed design shape. Make sure it works with and complement the furnishings that you have for the most satisfying effect.


  • Choose the correct size. Another key aspect is the size of the rug. You want it to offer you a good size that can make sure you have a specified area. try and make sure that it’s big enough to be defined as, say, a sitting area, an eating area or a place to relax. Use the size of the rug to determine how many people can sit at any one part of the patio.

One of the most underrated benefits of indoor-outdoor rugs is their ability to unify an outdoor furniture arrangement, thus creating a cohesive look within an open space.

Indoor Outdoor Mat (2’ X 3’)


Indoor Outdoor Rug (5’ X 8’)


Indoor Outdoor Rug (8’ X 10’)



  • Fit the theme. As the size of the rug should fit with the intended activity, so too should the colour scheme. If you are building a little rest and relaxation point for books, use chilled and cool colours that promote concentration and relaxation. If you want something a bit more ambitious, say for parties and long night drinks with your closest friends, go for something bright and optimistic.

Using these plans, you should find it very easy indeed to create a welcoming, stylish and harmonious design that works exactly as you had intended. Now, your patio will be much more aligned to the design style that you appreciate most.

Sam Saad